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Infrastructure and Resources

11 Years of Success


The Health Care Aide Academy was established in 2013 and has been in continuous operation since. Because we are, we have a singular focus-student success! The Health Care Aide Academy Provincial exam results are currently at a 93 % PASS rate and have put The Health Care Aide Academy at the top of Health Care Aide Education in Alberta where the Provincial Exam average is 78%. We have an outstanding reputation with Care facilities in the Central Alberta region showing a high employment hiring rate when The Health Care Aide Academy’s name is attached to an applicant’s resume.


The Health Care Aide Academy  leased a building in 2021 located centrally and with easy access for students to the Parkland Mall, Banking, and a variety of dining options. Prior to possession of the building, an extensive renovation of the entire space (including a complete teardown and rebuild) was carried out over a period of 4 months. The complete renovation including a dedicated lab space was set up to ensure adequate space for learning theory and hands on training for an optimal student experience and learning outcome. The classrooms, shared student space and working lab were all designed with the Health Care Aide Academy Training curriculum in mind.

Our lab showcases 5 large stations with modern lifts and equipment. There is ample room for learning all necessary skills and technical aspects in the role of the Health Care Aide. The classroom space is dedicated to textbook and module learning. The large space is designed to ensure that each student has adequate room for textbooks and modules on their desk.

The classroom space is not utilized for any other instruction, and students are provided with cubbies to store purses, coats, bags, etc. so that their personal belongings are secure and lockable. We have an up-to-date student lounge area with large fridges and multiple microwaves and coffee machines, for the students to have ample space on breaks.


Our objective with every student is “Mastery”. We work together to place our students at the forefront of every decision we make. The Health Care Aide culture is based on values such as excellence, creativity, courage, honor, and optimism, leading to maximizing the potential of every learner we encounter. Students need to feel that their learning means something. Purpose engages students and inspires them to strive for more.

Our staff provides tutoring free of charge for both theory and labs for any students that struggle with concepts covered in class.  We give one on one guidance to students who may need to request an Accommodation form for the program material or provincial exam. Meticulous attention to detail and providing the right accommodations in a timely manner is the key to success with a wide spectrum of varying abilities.

At The Health Care Aide Academy, we strongly believe in student participation in our school improvement plan. We provide lots of opportunities for students to innovate, collaborate, and show leadership. Students are engaged for input to increase student learning and for school improvement. Student-led initiatives are encouraged and aligned with our school improvement plan. Our school has the required resources to run the health care aide program and we really listen to the needs of our students.


The Health Care Aide Curriculum is designed specifically to cover the “Health Care Aide” as prescribed by the Ministry of Alberta Health. As such, all training in the program is tailored specifically to meet the standards of the Alberta Health Care Aide Program.

As non-regulated health care workers in Alberta, there is no regulatory body defining roles and responsibilities for health care aides (HCA). HCAs are health care providers that provide direct care to assist in the activities of daily living, comfort, and safety for clients. As HCAs are currently unregulated, Alberta Health sets directional policy and health service standards for HCAs, including competency requirements. Alberta Health’s HCA Competency Profile (2018) guided the development of the Government of Alberta HCA Provincial Curriculum (2019).


Graduates of the Health Care Aide Program complete feedback questionnaires at designated points in the program where they rate the training and provide specific feedback. We review this feedback on an ongoing basis and monitor and adjust our program so that we are in a constant state of improvement! An excellent teacher continually monitors and adjusts, just as a stellar program should be monitored and adjusted continually to always remain dynamic.


Our student resources include the following:

  • Mosby’s 5th edition for the Health Care Worker
  • LAB interactive technology platform, the core of LAB being a synergy of communication, collaboration, and engaging activities utilizing the social mediums and technology that students have grown up with

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