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Healthcare Career & Job Opportunities

Why become a Health Care Aide?

Aside from personal reasons and an interest in joining the healthcare industry what other reasons make becoming a Health Care Aide the right step towards a successful and rewarding career? The demand for Health Care Aides is on the rise in Canada. As the population ages there is an increasing need for professionally trained individuals with the skills and competency to care for them. Health care aides are part of the larger National Occupational Classification 3413 which includes Nurse Aides, Orderlies and Patient Service Associates. In Alberta, most people employed in this classification work in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry. The employment outlook is promising in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry as information from The Alberta Learning Information Service describes. The Canadian and Alberta government are now taking action to ensure that there are enough skilled employees to handle the future surge in Health Care Aide demand through financial incentives and job education and awareness.

The employment outlook is influenced by a wide variety of factors which include:

  • trends and events affecting overall employment (especially in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry)
  • location in Alberta
  • employment turnover (work opportunities generated by people leaving existing positions)
  • occupational growth (work opportunities resulting from the creation of new positions that never existed before)
  • size of the occupation

The outlooks are great as the ageing healthcare workers and population continue to increase demand. Opportunities are increasing for employment in both the public and private sectors as new facilities and programs are installed for the elderly.

Employment Opportunities:

Health care aides are employed by:

  • clients
  • private agencies
  • continuing care facilities
  • government social service departments and agencies
  • not-for-profit charitable agencies
  • home care and family service associations
  • hospitals.

Those who have considerable experience may move into supervisory or management positions. However, advancement opportunities are limited without additional education.


Salaries for health care aides vary considerably depending on the employer and the employee’s, responsibilities, experience and training.

According to the 2017 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, Albertans in the Nurse Aides, Orderlies and Patient Service Associates occupational group earned on average from $18.98 – $22.81 an hour. The mean wage for this group was $20.95 an hour. The yearly salary for a Heath Care Aide is $34,578 per year.

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